About us

Using vast experience, quality components, and superior craftsmanship to deliver performance and value to our customers.

Our Company

B&C Controls is a designer, fabricator, and installer of control panels and systems, and makes its home in a 7,500 square foot complex complete with an on-site mechanical fabrication facility in West Chester, PA. We have developed an extensive vendor base of the highest quality suppliers, allowing us to accommodate a diverse array of control system applications for clients across industries.

The staff at B&C Controls has the ability to provide product design, engineering, manufacturing, and field installation in all aspects of control systems, allowing companies the convenience of a turnkey solution: one qualified partner able to perform project tasks from start to finish.

When you work with B&C Controls, you can count on custom control panels with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship – characteristics that not only set us apart, but help set you apart.

Looking for a first-class control panel partner?

Our Promise

For more than 25 years, B&C Controls has built a name by delivering clients the highest quality control panels and systems possible. Our step-by-step process ensures each component exceeds our standards and that the finished product is delivered clean, ready to use, on time, and on budget.


B&C Controls works with the very best component suppliers for the best-in-class products designed to decrease downtime.


Our water jet cutting system ensures accurate component mounting holes and cutting of system pieces, creating a better fit and a more streamlined fabrication process.


Our technicians expertly strip all wire ends at terminal blocks and secure them using ferrules to keep wires from fraying and prevent potential connection issues.


We clearly label all pieces of our systems using plotter and heatshrink printed labels on all wires so that you can easily identify the parts of your new system and service it properly.


Once assembled, our team powers up as many components as possible and double checks all connections point to point, to confirm an operational unit.


Systems are cleaned of all residue and material for optimal running and delivered on-schedule.

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West Chester, PA 19380

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